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Blessed and Highly Favored
01 Mar

I have been through a lot in the past five years. It started in January 2010 when I was hospitalized for 10 days. They said I had walking pneumonia, gave me antibiotics and nausea medication then sent me home. That following Wednesday I got sicker with a temp of 106.5.

I looked up at the head of my bed and seen my mother who had passed away in 2005 sitting there. She said "baby it's time to go". I replied "with you?" Her reply was; "no, to the hospital". I was vomiting, had chills, and weak. My brother and sister took me back to the hospital. After the doctor came in there he said we are keeping you because you are very sick. All I know is I had lost my taste, smell, and hearing thinking it was just the flu. As I was being admitted the nurse said did you see your x-ray? I told her no. She said I never seen anything like it. It look like it spider webs. I was afraid then because I thought it was cancer. I said the devil is a lie. So they did lab work and I test positive for a blood clot somewhere in my body. I continued to pray and said; Lord whatever it is, I know you can help them find it and heal me”. Well the next day they did a CAT scan and other test but found no blood clots. I said "Praise God” As the days passed and test after test, I kept praying. I ask my doctor could I go home he said no because you got very sick lungs. He said you not going anywhere until God and me find out what it is. There were giving me all types of medication. Finally he came in and told me I have pneumonitis which I never heard of. He told me I will always have trouble with my lungs after that. I did not stop praying.

Months later I met a wonder man name Neal, who stole my heart. I met him online, yes ..yes people always told me about dating men online after my past experience. I told him I was not interested. He would speak to me everyday but I continue to ignore him. Finally I said "Lord you made Eve for Adam so he would have a help mate and if this man is for me you let him say these few words to me". Finally I added him. So he would speak to me everyday and ask how was I doing. I was trying to be stand offish because I did not want no games. So he said "I am not trying to sleep with you, be your boyfriend, or scam you….He said the words" I just want to be your friend”. I said "Lord NO!" This is not true. I said what did you say? He repeated "I just want to be your friend. We began talking online for two months, then on the phone. We began to connect and I got sick again where the doctor thought I had stomach cancer. I wanted him here. He said I can't come because I have to wait on the Lord. He said he was fasting and praying because he wanted to be here but God seen otherwise. He then told me God told me to come October 21st because I told him if he wanted me he have to come to Texas. Well October 21, 2010 he arrived in Texas. Making my story short we planned to get marry December 15, 2011.

So we prayed and planned following his commands. Our day end up being changed to September 17,2011. This was our wedding day we shared with people we felt was special in our lives and who God wanted there. Another tragedy hit, the next week after we married I suffered a stroke that affected my right side. This hurt us both because we said this is not how a marriage was suppose to start. We never gave up. I went through therapy to get my strength back in my right side. Even though I got stronger the enemy was continuing to attack my body. I cried, cried, and cried because I felt I was not a wife or woman enough for my husband. He told me I ask God for a wife who would love me for me not. He tell me every day I am here for life and don’t forget it. Now I have been diagnosed with Stage 3 COPD. I am on oxygen, in and out the hospital. I ask my husband why am I being attacked. His words to me was this which sticks with me "Karen everyone is not strong enough to go through the things you been through and God choose you for that reason. He is using you as a vessel to show others he is real and without him and without him you will fail". I know I am going through a lot of sickness and can/will be healed someday but the thing is my time is not His time. I have the trust, faith, and belief in him but I have to remain obedient to his Word. As long as I do that "He will bring through". Everything happens for a reason.