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Thankful Featured

01 Mar

About a few weeks ago God blessed me with the continued life of my son. He is six years old and for some odd reason decided for the first time to see what its like to be Benjamin Franklin.

He was in gym class and found a bobby pin on the floor and decided to stick it in the socket near him. He stuck it there and then began to try and pull it out. During the time he saw the electricity and let go of it when he hand became hot, afterwards all the gym and cafeteria lights went out. I talked to him and ask him why as this is nothing that has ever happened even when he was younger. He was educated on how not to play with plugs and he never did. I don’t believe he knew what could happen though.

Now at first I was very upset because its embarrassing for one and then because this kid is extremely smart and should know better (not just saying this because he's my kid, seriously). But after I stopped being upset I just had to take some time and just Thank God for his mercy and his love!!! I mean he was perfectly fine… Nothing happened to him but a lesson. That's it.. So I say thank you God for saving my son. Thank you!