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I Stood on the Promises of God! Featured

I Stood on the Promises of God!
04 Feb

I hope my story will be a blessing to someone that is thinking about giving up on God. If God made you a promise, He is not a God that should lie, all of His promises are yeah and amen. I am a living witness of His promises!

Being so sick to the point to where you can't do anything for yourself and you have to depend on family for everything. I truly thank God for my husband, sons and daughter who were there for me. I was at the point in my life when my body was taken over by Myasthenia Gravis. It took control of all my muscles, to where I couldn't eat, drink, walk or talk for four months. In and out of ICU for three months receiving treatments that was supposed to help me, but one of those treatments caused me to aspirate in my lungs. God who is merciful placed help at my hospital room door at the right time, who yelled for help.

I remember the time when I was feeling better enough to go home, but the still not able to walk; the hospital was setting me up with all this equipment to help and aid me at home. The therapist came into my room with a walker and I said to her, who is that for and she said this is for you and we also have bathroom equipment for you as well because it will be months before you will be able to walk on your own. She sat me up on the side of my hospital bed and at that moment I couldn't do anything but weep. I remember thinking to myself and saying Lord I don't want to be like this and at the very second, I heard the singer Judy Jacobs on TV singing Mercy says NO! I heard that word and I said, the devil is a liar, I will walk again and do for myself. Here it is 2015, I am fully restored. Stand on God's Promises, He will do just what He promised you. #AnotherGodDay.

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