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Letting Go And Let God Featured

Letting Go And Let God
04 Mar

Their are numerous times and situations that God has been there for me that I could share, for now I will share this particular incidence . God is true to his word and he has been my protection each and every time that I have needed him to be. On one particular occasion I was on the highway driving from Irving, TX on my way home in Sherman, TX. As I arrived in Sherman I was doing 70 mph and I noticed a street sign that said lane closed ahead. I was thinking which lane is it, left or right?

I continued to look ahead down the highway and as I glanced back to the stretch of highway right in front of me and the traffic in my lane was at a complete stop. I tried to press my brakes but I was too close to stop and all I could do was let go of the steering wheel. When I let go my car was not being guided or driven by me any longer. My car began to go to the left and I was clearly aware that I was not the one steering the car. My car began to head left toward the shoulder and in doing so a sure rear end collision with the cars sitting still in my lane was avoided. All I could do was praise God, for when I let go and let God he he took over and kept me from all harm.