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My Faithful God Featured

My Faithful God
08 Feb

There are many things we take for granted and forget to offer the sacrifices of praise. After relocating to Texas, I was too scared to drive which meant, depending on friends and associates to take me to work, school, church, pretty much everywhere. Talk of being a temp and showing up late for work.

God gave me favor and I explained the situation to my manager, who was very understanding and accommodating. When I needed a ride, my manager would always get someone to drop me off. I grew up going to church every Sunday but I started missing my church service. It made me sad and hopeless my ride to church had moved to another city.

One time I went to church and on my way out I declared by faith, enough is enough. I told my God the next church service I attend, I will be driving my own car. My God heard my cry and was faithful to provide. How awesome is Abba, my father, I just love Him for His goodness!

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